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What did the bird sing during the summer of 2017? Can't be to hard, coz officially it's called the dawn chorus.

This eNIMGA has been resolved! Please wait for our next one! Thanks!

How It All Works?

Requirement & login

The only requirement to win the contents of the eNIGMA vault, is that you create an account on thebobbiebunch.nl to validate your guess and claim your prize.

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The vault!

With every new eNIGMA our vault gets filled with a portion of the block rewards earned as a validator. We give back up to 99% to our voters, so please vote for us through your Compendia wallet right here!

Unlock the secret, win the vault!

Try to solve our eNIGMA and win the content of our vault. You can guess as many times as you want! Show me the eNIGMA

The vault

Right here you see the current prize to win. Unfold the riddle, time is of the essence! You still got:

1x Phonesoap
What the F is that??

Ease it up, buy some help!

At a dead end? Or do you want to facilitate your search? Use your ß or Ѧ to buy some HELP!

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$ 1

  • ß 49
    2 Ѧ
  • 1 time
  • gives you the 1st letter of the answer


$ 5

  • ß 246
    13 Ѧ
  • 3 times
  • gives you 1 hint about the answer


$ 10

  • ß 492
    27 Ѧ
  • 1 time
  • gives you the length of the answer

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